Both Are Ideal Ways In Which To Maximise The Potential Of Your House And Create A Potential New Source Of Income.

Behind the scenes, all the necessary materials will be ordered to meet sloping site building your guaranteed site start date. A dual occupancy development has ever been so easy. Along with a standard Expert House Building CIA Housing Industry Association contract, you’ll also receive the working drawings for your new house. Will you be living in one of the new houses? Higher income, larger knock down rebuild tax benefits and a lower purchase price, means your Dual Occupancy Home may be Cashflow Positive With two potential rental sources, if one is vacant the other property is still working for you. You may not realise it, but the block of land your house sits on could be a nest egg in the making. When you’re ready, it’s time to make your decision and pay your deposit. We can even help you find the funds to back the project. By the contract signing stage, you’ll have done all the hard work and your contract will be the formalisation of all your decisions so far.

Step-by-step Prudent Strategies For Dual Occupancy Homes

So why isn’t everyone doing it? Dual occupancy offers a great opportunity for you to revamp your current home while also creating a second dwelling as a potential source of income. Have you taken our quick and easy  World of Style quiz to find your style?       Dual Oct by Porter Davis is a one-step, end-to-end solution that means we take the hassle out of Dual Oct developments, from initial council scoping to the feasibility report to the total build. Budget – How much can you afford to spend on developing your block?  This is to ensure that no data our boutique team of specialists exclusively offer you the very best service throughout your entire Dual Oct journey. Both are ideal ways in which to maximise the potential of your house and create a potential new source of income. Your quote and site costs will form the basis of your tender documentation and preliminary drawings. The first major milestone in the building process will be the pouring of your slab, followed by the frame, lock up including brickwork, roofing, plumbing, and electrical, fixing including plaster, kitchen, and toilet fit outs, and then practical completion, where the finishing touches will be put on your new house.